Indoor Swimming Pool

•September 23, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Now that Labor Day is done and over with all the pools have closed down for the 2009 summer season, I’m glad to know that there is still the slightly heated indoor swimming pool that we can enjoy during the off season. I love to swim and try to go regularly during the off season. It’s a great way to spend a few hours and real good exercise.


Cell Phones

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It just amazes me how cell phones have progressed through out the years. It’s so funny to see on television shows from back in the 80’s with their huge mobile phones to their ears. Now a days they are so slim and tiny, with such a variety of styles and colors to choose from. We have come a long way baby!

The purple sticky was the best ever!

•November 3, 2008 • 1 Comment

The rumor that there was purple sticky around were just rumors until one day last week when a friend passed threw and had some of the purple sticky in hand so after a couple of pictures we fired it up and passed it around and believe me it tasted like blue berries when you blew it out.

I had always heard this stuff was around but only in magazines like High Times and in music videos like Ludacrises blue berry yum yum song. One thing is for sure I hope that the next President tackles the medical marijuana issue by making a federal medical marijuana law so that people that are sick or terminally ill can have access to this miracle pain reliever at there local Wal-Greens of Pharmacy. Or for people like me that have mental issues and love to smoke a joint eat some junk food and watch the tube with friends!

What is it that is going to convince you?

•November 3, 2008 • 1 Comment

What source of information will you trust when to comes to saying who the next President of the United States is? Are you going to trust what your Newspaper writes or what your radio station says or what your local news says the winner is or what the National News services says or what a internet site like Yahoo or MSN says is the winner is?

I was just wondering what everyone out there is going to go by when it comes election day as there trusted source for knowing who won the Presidential election this year John Mcain or Barack Obama so please do speak up as to what you will be listening to or watching on November 4th.

Ways to get your feed very aggregated

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There are lots of great ways to get your blogs feed aggregated and I below I just mentioning the 5 that I know of there are lots more websites that do aggregate blogs feeds and if anyone knows of any not talked about in this post than please leave the website in the comments for all to read.

My favorite is Feed Burner but I have used all the rest with great success, with that said I will go ahead and start the list of the 5 best blog feed aggregates on the web.

2 more excellent tube sites

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Decided to do some more searching around for sex tube sites and found a couple more worth mentioning here. I got such a response from posting my other favorite adult tube site I figured why not go ahead and see if there are any more cool ones out there and believe it or not, yes there are many more sex tube sites out on the net.

The first one I came across was Whos Tube the one was VOL Tube and both have a decent amount of free porn videos on there sites. When you get a chance make sure to bookmark them I know I did already.

My 3 favorite drinks and yours?

•October 15, 2008 • Leave a Comment

I have 3 favortie drinks that I drink all the time the first is Sunkist which is my favorite out of the three and tastes like heaven on earth. My second favorite is Mountain Dew which I like to call green sugar water and tase awesome. The third is really a brand of drinks called Sobe and out of all there drinks my favorite is the Enrgy drink.

If you have never had any of these drinks before than make sure to put them on your grocery list next time because they rock. So now that you know my favorite 3 drinks what are yours?